Angel Projects

The Michigan Alliance for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (MACCH) Angel Project is awarded to promote the material conservation of Michigan’s cultural heritage resources. Angel Projects are undertaken utilizing the expertise of the MACCH Board: projects usually involve hands-on participation donated by the appropriate Board member(s) working in their professional capacity. Typical Angel Projects do not include additional financial support by MACCH.

MACCH encourages project proposals/applications from organizations, institutions, and/or communities who have cultural heritage resources in need of conservation or preservation. Suggested projects may be too small to warrant formal grants, or be used as an in-kind match for larger projects. The Review Panel gives priority to projects that have the greatest significance to or impact on the local community.

MACCH Angel Projects:




Types of Angel Projects:

  • Museum objects, artifacts, or artworks or buildings, monuments, resources of historic, artistic, or cultural significance
  • Archival documents, photographs, maps, or drawings
  • Community art and/or sculptural pieces

Guidelines for Angel Projects:

  • The cultural heritage resources should be related to Michigan history.
  • Submissions should demonstrate the importance of the resource to the collection of the institution or the community.
  • If the Angel Project will be included in any grant proposals as a match MACCH approval is required prior to submission of the grant.
  • Submissions should demonstrate a need unable to be fulfilled by the institution or the community.
  • Funding grants, rather than projects requiring the professional expertise of MACCH Board Members, will not be considered.
  • Angel Project designation is dependent upon the capabilities and expertise of the Board of Directors of MACCH at that time the project is selected.
  • To submit an Angel Project proposal, please email your request to MACCH (