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Photograph and Paper Preservation

Preservation of Historic Buildings

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Care of Books, Documents and Other Personal Treasures

Care of Collections: Online Sources

Lighthouses of Michigan

Dear Educators,

The Michigan Alliance for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage is pleased to provide you with lesson plans and with links on the conservation of Michigan cultural heritage in conjunction with Michigan Week. Partnering with HAL the Alliance has developed lesson plans and links to provide an avenue of learning for grade school students to consider the value of all kinds of cultural heritage from buildings, farms, lighthouses, to family photos and books, museum objects, archeological digs and objects, indeed the many things that inform us all of the history of our state, its people and its cultures.

Conservation is not just about natural resources, it is also about protecting and wisely using the cultural heritage of the state. Every family has family heirlooms that may be at risk from careless handling to poor storage to over use. Cultural treasures both privately owned and owned by institutions require appropriate care to assure their longevity. We hope that these lesson plans provide teaching tools for learning and appreciation of the many objects, buildings, and landscape that create a window into the past. Science projects provide the means to test and consider the longevity of the materials that make up these objects and buildings and we hope provide thoughtful consideration of how to value and help to conserve these historic resources. A motto you can use with any of the lesson plans, whether for buildings or for paper and photos is:

It Is Better to Preserve than to Repair, Better to Repair than Restore, And Better to Restore than to Reconstruct.

Carol Fink
Michigan Alliance for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage